The ergonomic Bambach ® Saddle Seat is covered with
real leather of premium quality

Avoids back pain, helps you to regain vitality and to enhance quality of life


Bambach ® Saddle Seat


The original Bambach ® Saddle Seat

A unique way to relax your dorsal and lumbar vertebrae

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It`s not just a seat...
it`s ascientific solution!

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The original Bambach® saddle seat has been continuously improved since 1988 and has been positively evaluated in many studies. The clinically tested Bambach® saddle seat complies all Occupational Health and Safety Act. Only the Bambach® saddle seat optimally supports the pelvis with its patented seat design and enables the spine to adopt its natural “S” shape. This prevents an incorrect sitting posture and assumes a natural healthy sitting posture.

Invest in your health

A flat seat or a look-alike saddle seat forces the spine into an unhealthy posture in the shape of a “C’s”. This unnatural posture significantly increases the pressure on the intervertebral discs. The result can be a variety of problems, mostly in connection with back, neck, arm, hand or shoulder pain. In a conventional seat, studies has shown that sitting forward causes a similar pressure on the intervertebral discs as lifting heavy weights.

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